Hasan Minhaj Had A Blast Working With Susanna Fogel

Indian American Hasan Minhaj had fun working with director Susanna Fogel on “The Spy Who Dumped Me”. He says she understands the nuances of comedy and that adds more value to the project.

“Susanna is such a great writer, director and filmmaker. She is also really funny. So, one of the things which was so fun for me as a comedian to step on the set was that Susanna totally understands the timing and cadence of delivering comedy and what it takes to make a scene really funny,” Minhaj told IANS.

“And then when you add guns, explosions, firing and car chases — it just adds a whole another element where the movie moves in a bunch of different spaces, which I think is really fun,” he added. The Lionsgate Films’ movie is an action thriller, starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon in comical roles. The film released in India earlier this month.

It centres around two best friends, Audrey and Morgan, who have been trapped in a spy adventure and the only way out is the way through it. Apart from being an action-packed venture, it also focuses on the true friendship between the two main female characters.

In the film, Minhaj is seen as Topher Duffer, a CIA Harvard alum. On the film, he said: “It was amazing working on the project. Shooting the entire movie in Budapest was really fun. I have never lived in Europe so getting to be there for almost a month was awesome and I never got to be a spy so that was really fun.”