No one can deny that Priyanka Chopra is a force to reckon with, and all because of her own talent, hard work and sheer determination. Despite not having a ‘godfather’, she rose from strength to strength and is now recognised not just in the country, but all over the world.

Priyanka has always taken pride in her independence, and her co-star Hrithik Roshan revealed an incident when she refused to take help even when she was half-conscious.

NDTV published excerpts from her biography, Priyanka Chopra: The Dark Horse, in which Hrithik is quoted as saying, “I remember shooting in the hills of Manali, this was way back in 2005 for Krrish. It was extremely cold and the air was lacking sufficient oxygen. Some crew members had even fainted. Suddenly we saw Priyanka go limp. She was about to fall but a few people standing close by rushed to lift her up and carry her back to the warmth and comfort of the hotel room.”

However, Priyanka was not too happy with this gesture. “I rushed to make sure she was safe and taken care of but to my surprise, what I saw was an indignant Priyanka, half-conscious but unmistakably furious at being seen as someone who needed help! Even as her body, still limp, showed no signs of co-ordination, she continued shouting at the lifters to put her down. They did that, eventually,” Hrithik revealed.

Priyanka had a “deep desire in her to always be seen as strong, independent and self-reliant”, and it was this quality of hers that left Hrithik impressed. He also admired her versatility on screen, particularly her ability to “project both sides of the human psyche – goodness and humility plus cunning and vindictiveness – which was rare”.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife that Priyanka might return opposite Hrithik in the fourth installment of the Krrish franchise. Buzz is that the makers are torn between her and Katrina Kaif, and are toying with the idea of casting both actresses.