Jasmin Bhasin seems to have had enough of her desi avatar. The actress, who has gone in for a bolder makeover, says, “From childhood, I grew up with a lot of apprehensions about my body and appearance. I was skinny, had acne on my face and suffered from an inferiority complex; I thought I was the ugly duckling in my school and college. Over the years, I have realised that you have to feel good about your flaws or else the world will make you feel worse. Only when you feel good about yourself will others look up to you.” The actress is open to bold roles, provided they are interesting and does not make her look vulgar. She says, “There is a fine line between sensuousness and vulgarity. I will not cross that line.”

Jasmin made her TV debut with the show ‘Tashan-E-Ishq’ and is currently seen in ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’. The show has undergone many changes recently, with lead actor Sidharth Shukla quitting and Rohan Gandotra stepping in to play Parth. “Rohan is a hard-working actor,” she says adding, “but I miss Sidharth very much; in fact, I told my producer how even today, when I start to shoot a scene, I still see Sidharth in Parth’s character.”

Sidharth and Jasmin were close friends at one point, but they had a fall-out. Jasmin admits, “Yes, Sidharth and I were really good friends. We used to party together, eat together, go for dinners and hang out regularly on the sets. I really loved him and I love him even now. He is one of the few actors who is the reason behind my good acting skills. He used to motivate me in every scene. When I first met him, I felt that he would be high and mighty, but all that was put to rest when I saw how chilled out he was. He is also very supportive. Unfortunately, things went sour between us because of some silly misunderstanding. I don’t want to reconnect with him because I feel now is not the right time. I will wait for some time to pass before I can revive my friendship with him. Sidharth is a superb guy and has a beautiful heart. I don’t think he will hold anything against me for long.”