MUMBAI: Considering that audiences are welcoming recreated versions and covers, it wasn’t a surprise that Armaan Malik’s reprised version of 90’s popular song Ghar Se Nikalte Hi, garnered over 30 mn views within a fortnight. The beautiful song has been recreated by the Malik brothers-Armaan and Amaal, featuring Armaan himself in the video, along with Angel. However, everything that is famous attracts attention and controversy alike. And this version is no different.

While, as aforementioned, audience today is not new to recreated version, the issue with this version is that the credits in the video mention Kunal Vermaa as the lyricist. This is also because, the entire song has different lyrics altogether, apart from the hook phrase, also known as mukhda, in the Indian music lingo. And that is bothering the ace lyricist. Following the objection, the controversy began, when the original lyricist Javed Akhtar sent a notice through his lawyers to Armaan Malik, Amaal Mallik and T-Series for not giving the due credit to the original minds behind the creation.

According to Akhtar, using the mukhda time and again, and replacing the rest of lyrics, not only distorts the song but also harms his stature as a lyricist. Also, according to Akhtar, the song is not a song with its mukhda. Therefore, under the designated section 57 of the Copyright Act, Javed Akhtar has sent a notice to Amaal, Armaan and T-Series.

While Armaan himself stayed unavailable for the comment, sources close to him have expressed their disbelief that a notice has been sent to a singer.

Meanwhile, T-Series, now known as Super Cassette Industries, the company that holds the rights for the versions had a firm say on the matter. Vinod Bhanushali, President – Marketing, Media and Publishing at Super Cassettes Industries Limited (T-Series) said, “The rights are with us for the song. We will never do anything that would infringe someone’s benefits. As and when any action or response to the notice is required, we will respond.”

The lyricist has slapped a notice with a claim of staggering Rs 10 crore from the addressees and inclusion of names of the original creators of the song. Javed Akhtar also fears the loss of royalty for all the original authors of the song, which according to him is caused due to loss of identity of the author. The lyricist remained unavailable to comment on it.

The entire controversy is a mark of an era, where the recreation of songs will be objected. Off recent times, the number of recreations that have happened are numerous and many recreated versions of iconic songs have been lost in crowd. The issue here stays, no credit or even a passing mention given to the original authors, which stands valid, however, just not publishing a name on personal YouTube channel cannot be reason enough to send a notice, has been a sentiment across.

At the same time, one cannot overlook the fact that the song has already crossed a milestone of 30 mn views in no time and thus establishes the reach of the channel. It would be a case of a tussle to see what happens, as the issue is just not between two creators but between principles of morality and infringement.