Many Bollywood celebs have been named in the Call Record Scam initiated by Thane police after Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Celebrity Rizwan Siddiqui’s name has cropped up in this racket after the police arrested a few private investigators in and around the city. Lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee has been allegedly using their services for his elite clientele. While he did this keeping in mind the interests of his Bollywood clients, it is illegal to check call details of an individual without the knowledge of the person. Now, two big names: Tiger Shroff’s mother Ayesha Shroff and Kangana Ranaut have been cropped up in this. According to the police, the Mental Hai Kya actress messaged Siddiqui Hrithik Roshan’s personal number to acquire call details for the same. Ayesha on the other hand submitted the call details procured from investigators to the lawyer back in 2014 when she was embroiled in legal battle with Sahil Khan, who claimed to have been in a relationship with her.

According to the Thane crime branch, Ayesha Shroff’s name surfaced when they went through records and hard disks of Siddiqui’s laptops and documents from his office. She had provided the illegally procured CDR of Khan to Siddiqui and it is suspected it could have been misused. Ayesha will be summoned soon to solve the matter. Back then, Sahil had claimed that he was in a relationship with her and has spent crores of rupees on her and had not cheated her, as she claimed. The two finally had a settlement in 2015 and dissolved the matter.

Kangana, on the other hand, had a big battle with Hrithik after she called him ‘silly ex’ in an interview and the later claimed that he harassed and stalked her in the garb of an imposter. Well, now since her message to Siddiquee has been procured, there will be a further probe into the matter to know if call details of Roshan were illegally procured or not.