Mahesh Babu: Important For Celebrities To Be Good Role Models

South superstar Mahesh Babu says celebrities should make sure they do the “right things” as they are a role model for many. The 43-year-old actor believes fame comes with huge responsibility and he tries his best to set a good example for his fans.

“One has to be responsible as a human being and make sure (you) do the right things which make you and the people around you feel happy and loved. Being a public figure, it becomes even more important to give out the right message.

“It is a huge responsibility for any celebrity as he is the role model for many. I feel blessed to (have) reached this position and I stand responsible always,” Mahesh said in a statement. The actor is currently working on his 25th feature film “Maharshi”. He released the first look of the film on his birthday few days ago.