Mathira opens up about divorce and ex-husband

Model-turned-singer Mathira recently shared the news of her divorce from Dubai-based Punjabi rapper, Flint J. The couple tied the knot back in 2013 and has a son anmed Aahil, together.

But while Flint has kept mum on their marital struggles, Mathira decided to come clean through some posts shared on her Instagram.

“I tried to keep this marriage, I tried my best to hold on. It was not easy and yes, people will judge me in because the woman is always blamed and labelled,” began the former VJ. “Yes, the divorce is done. Everything I am going through and went through, only I know and I don’t need anyone to know it. I was supporting my self and my child this whole time and will carry on doing so. I loved you and still do.”

Mathira went on to add, “I realised I am not rich. But I have my son to look forward to! I will teach him how to make a home and not break one because he is going to be a dad and some beautiful girl’s husband as well one day.”

“Marriage ends with people and papers, love does not need papers,” wrote Mathira.