Two people who had threatened Bollywood star Salman Khan in a social media post on September 26 were arrested on Thursday. As per reports, the two men have been identified as Jacky Bishnoi, alias Lawrence Babal, and Jagdish.

The men had threatened Salman Khan to garner some publicity. Reportedly, the two are vehicle thieves and drug smugglers. The threat against Salman was posted by Jacky on Facebook, on September 26. He added ‘Lawrence’ as a prefix to his name so that people would think he was associated with the Lawrence gang of Jodhpur.

The cars which the duo had stolen to carry out their drug smuggling operation have been seized. According to officials, cases of drug smuggling and vehicle theft have been registered against the men. The police stopped Jacky and Jagdish for questioning when they got suspicious on seeing the men drive around in a luxury car. Further investigation revealed the duo was indulged in vehicle theft and drug smuggling.

It was later discovered that Jacky was the same man who had threatened Salman on social media.