The Lebanese star Nancy Ajram is one of the names that managed in a record time to form a different situation on the Arab musical scene. Despite her appearance with the beginning of the era of the spread of satellite channels and the multiplicity of voices and similarity on the scene, Nancy chose to have a different path.

Nancy will rely on her “femininity” in the booking of a seat among adults, but confirmed that she is a singer who has a great talent to provide real songs, and provided all forms of singing from singing to children through romantic songs and loud to national songs.

During the current period, the Lebanese star Nancy Ajram is following the show of the children’s talent discovery program “The Voice Kids”, in which she participates as a jury member alongside the Iraqi star Kazim El Saher and singer Tamer Hosni.

She expressed her happiness with the positive reactions about the program and stressed that the program aims to contribute to the emergence of the new generation of singers on the Arab musical scene,

As for the work environment in the program, she said: I was very happy to work with the stars Kazem Al-Saher and Tamer Hosni, and the fun took over the work environment. This is what the audience got through the first episodes of the program.

On the other hand, Nancy is preparing to commemorate the New Year’s Eve 2018 in a large hotel in the city of Dubai, and Nancy wishes all its fans that the new year is a year of good and happiness and success.