Robin Hood

New Robin Hood Unlike Previous Versions, Says Director Otto Bathurst

Director Otto Bathurst says his take on the classic tale of Robin Hood is quite different from the previous versions. Bathurst, who has directed Robin Hood featuring Taron Egerton as the eponymous outlaw, contends that his outlook towards the character was fresh as he chose to stay away from the previous films that were made about him.

“This film has got nothing to do with any of the other Robin Hoods that have been made. I didn’t watch them, I wasn’t influenced by them at all. The version we made is completely and utterly different from anything you’ve seen before,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The director said he has tried to modernise the character and the story which was first introduced in the English folklore in the 14th century. “It’s a story that’s been told for hundreds and hundreds of years. So we’ve got our version, we dragged it into the 21st century. Hopefully it’ll resonate with a modern audience…,” Bathurst said.

“Wherever you’ve got corruption, or people being abused, or oppression, or any kind of social injustice, you need people who are going to stand up and try and make a difference. And that’s what Robin Hood does.

And in the 21st century, we’ve got plenty of all of that. We need people who are going to stand up and say ‘no’, and stand up and claim the truth,” he added. The film, which also stars Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Ben Mendolsohn in pivotal roles, has a release date of November 21.