Although Nikki Bella broke up with John Cena, it seems like she is still keeping a tab on her ex. The professional wrestler and former lovers dated for six years. They even got engaged. But Nikki and Cena parted ways in 2018. The couple chose to go their separate ways after Cena expressed that he doesn’t want a family. Following their break up, Cena began dating Shay Shariatzadeh. And Nikki fears her worst nightmares may come to life.

The wrestler fears Cena might settle down with Shay. To top it off, she is also worried that Cena might be ready to have children with the new girlfriend. A source close to Nikki elaborated the wrestler’s thoughts to HollywoodLife.

The source reveals, “Nikki would be heartbroken and crushed if John ended up having a baby with someone other than her as that’s truly the only reason they broke up. She always wanted to have a baby with John and the thought of that happening with a new woman is really hard to digest, but of course it’s crossed her mind.”

“She tried everything to make their relationship work and sacrificed as much as she could, but at the end of the day, that was one thing she decided she just couldn’t go forward with. She loves being an auntie and truly can’t wait to have her own children. She’s so maternal and will be the best mom but she’s not putting any pressure on herself,” the insider said.