Sri devi with Boney kapoor

As per reports, Boney Kapoor found Sridevi motionless in bathtub

Sridevi’s sudden demise has certainly left the nation in grief. All her well-wishers are devasted by her significant loss. She passed away in a Dubai hotel after suffering a cardiac arrest.
Sridevi accompanied by husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi Kapoor were to attend Mohit Marwah’s wedding ceremony. Though the family returned back to India, Sridevi had decided to stay back according to the reports.
A source has opined on Sridevi’s final moments to a gulf tabloid. According to the source, Boney Kapoor reached her hotel at 5.30 PM to wake her up and also, invite her to the dinner. Soon after she woke up, the couple had a conversation for about fifteen minutes and then the actor went to the washroom.
Sridevi did not happen to come out after fifteen minutes and a worried Boney Kapoor knocked on the door. On getting no response, he got himself to hit the door and later found her motionless in a bathtub. “He tried to revive her and when he could not, he called a friend of his. After that, he informed the police at 9 pm,” the source revealed.
She was declared dead by the doctors at the hospital.
Moreover, another report in a leading daily inferred that not Boney Kapoor, but the hotel staff found her on the bathroom floor after they forced open her room. Sridevi had asked for water and did not open her room after multiple doorbells.

Courtesy: BombayTimes