Actress Piyali Munsi says essaying the role of an alcoholic in “Prithvi Vallabh” came as a challenge since she is a teetotaller in real life.

She essay Jakkala, wife of King Tailap (played by Jitin Gulati) in “Prithvi Vallabh”. “I took up the role as I found it challenging enough as I do not consume alcohol in real life. However, I have seen how drunk people behave in a certain manner. The emotions can be of many variations such as anger, sad, emotional, too much of bragging,” Piyali said in a statement.
As a prep for the role, she visited pubs.
“I decided to visit a few pubs before the shoot started. I have been to about 20 pubs where I only went and noticed how people behave during or after the consumption of alcohol. I must admit it really helped me during my performance which stunned the unit as well.”