Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya Varrier is single and 6 other facts about her

Priya Varrier is one name that almost every Indian with access to the Internet is aware of now. The Malayalam actress dramatically rose to popularity because of a film clip of hers that has her winking and smiling to a young boy.

The clip went viral on the web within a few hours of it being shared and Priya left us floored with her irresistible charm. All of a sudden, everyone on the social media is interested in this cute girl now. Well, for all those trying to dig out information on her, we have found out 7 interesting facts about the actress. Read on…

1. Her real name is Priya Prakash Varrier. She is 18 years old and hails from Kerala.

2. Priya is making her debut with the Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love, which is directed by Omar Lulu. The film is slated to hit the screens on March 3. The viral clip that has made Priya the latest Internet sensation is from a song from this film only.

3. She is a first year B.Com student stydying in Vimala College in Thrissur, Kerala.

4. Her following on Instagram has skyrocketed ever since the film clip went viral. She is now being followed by over 1.2 million users on the photo-sharing website.

5. Priya loves to listen to music, dance and travel.

6. She is single. Ready to mingle? Not sure about that.

7. With the clip going viral, the song, of which it is a part, has become a huge hit on YouTube. It has garnered over 6.3 million views on the video-sharing platform.

If you still haven’t seen the clip which has become the talking point on the Internet for the last 3-4 days, here we are sharing it again:

Priya is super excited with the sudden love and affection that is coming her way. She took to Twitter to express her gratitude towards her newly-found fans.