Priyanka Chopra’s ambitious production, Nalini – based on Rabindranath Tagore’s rumoured infatuation with his tutor, Annapurna Atmaram – faced another hurdle last week when Visva Bharati University barred the makers from shooting on the campus. Now, it has been heard that director Ujjwal Chatterjee has decided to recreate the university at a film studio in Kolkata.

A source reveals, “Old pictures of the university are being collated. A similar set will be recreated at a Kolkata studio, with the help of these photos. The set will take three months to be made. In the meantime, the team will kick off the film’s shoot, with the scenes set in the university being scheduled for the last leg.”

While Chatterjee had procured the permission to shoot in the institution’s premises last year, the university’s new rules structured in February prohibited the plan. The director was apprised of the decision in a meeting with the university authorities last week. A source close to the production informs, “The director has approached the HRD Ministry to still explore opportunities of filming there.”