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Rishi Kapoor on mother Krishna Raj’s demise: Entire period was traumatic

Rishi Kapoor is almost hale and hearty, and the actor is thriving to get back to his house and work in India. Although the actor is in New York, undergoing some last few sessions of his therapy, he had his film, Jhootha Kahin Ka release last week. In an interview with timesofindia.com, Rishi Kapoor spoke about several aspects of his life.


It has been close to ten months that Rishi Kapoor is stationed at the foreign land. A day after he took off to New York after being diagnosed with cancer, his mother, Krishna Raj Kapoor also passed away. When the entertainment portal asked the actor about it, he said, “That was very unfortunate. I left for the US on September 29, and my mother passed away on October 1. She knew that I had contracted a serious disorder. That entire period was traumatic for me. I was caught up with my problem. I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t have an option because I had to be here in New York. My brother told me that by the time I would get back, it would be too late. Also, I didn’t have the stamina or strength to come back.”

Now, that the actor has been away from work for almost a year, and when asked whether he has any apprehensions or is he excited to return and face everything again, Rishi Kapoor told the portal, “It’s an overwhelming situation. Most people are calling my son to ask him if I could work in their films, but right now, I can’t commit to anything as I don’t know when I am coming back. I want to do films at leisure. Not that anything is wrong with me or anything has changed. I am the same person, I have the same vigour. It is just that I need to come back and first get into the groove. I have been out of touch with films for a long time.”