Director James Cameron is no longer the reigning box office champion. But, he passes the baton over to the Russo brothers with grace.

Over the weekend, Avengers: Endgame officially dethroned Avatar (2009) to become the biggest movie in history. For a decade, Cameron’s dazzling sci-fi epic held the top spot with $2.7897 billion in global ticket sales, but Disney and Marvel’s superhero mashup inched by, with $2.7902 billion to claim the throne.

“Oel natie kameie, I see you Marvel,” Cameron wrote on Twitter yesterday along with an image of Iron-Man surrounded by Pandoran woodsprite seeds. “Congratulations to ‘Avengers: Endgame’ on becoming the new box-office king (sic).”

Earlier this year, Cameron saluted Endgame for surpassing Titanic (1997) as the second-biggest movie of all time. “An iceberg sank the real Titanic. It took the Avengers to sink my Titanic,” he joked. Avengers: Endgame set numerous box office records.