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Salman Khan Bail Hearing LIVE Updates: Convicted In Blackbuck Poaching Case, Jodhpur Court’s Decision Today

JODHPUR: Salman Khan, one of India’s biggest superstars, mellower perhaps at 52 than he was in 1998, when he killed two endangered blackbucks in a forest near Jodhpur, spent the night at Jodhpur Central Jail yesterday. Salman Khan, who has long walked the good and bad binary with his larger than life ‘bhai’ image clashing with his controversial personal life, spent the night in jail as Qaidi (prisoner) No. 106. This, however, is not the first time Salman Khan has gone to prison; it in fact is his fifth time in jail. He has previously been in prison briefly for charges ranging from killing deer to a man sleeping on a Mumbai pavement. Each time though, managing to get bail within a few days. Salman Khan’s bail request in yesterday’s blackbuck case verdict will be heard today. He has been sentenced to five years in prison. Four other Bollywood stars, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam Kothari, were acquitted for lack of evidence in the case. Inspite of the court finding him guilty, Salman Khan has maintained that he is innocent. While delivering the verdict yesterday, the judge said, “The way the accused (Salman Khan) killed two innocent black bucks in violation of the wildlife laws…he is a film star, people emulate him… there has been a rise in poaching incidents, so leniency is not justified.” Salman Khan’s lawyer said his bail papers have been prepared and the hearing will take place this morning in the Jodhpur sessions court.

Salman Khan Bail Hearing: Salman Khan’s bail request will be heard by the Jodhpur Sessions Court today. Salman Khan had been sentenced to five years in jail in the blackbuck poaching case.