Screen name on ticket forces Donal Bisht to skip a flight

What’s in a surname? A lot, if you ask Donal Bisht aka Sharanya Bisht of ‘Ek Deewaana Tha’, who was not allowed to board a plane to her hometown Delhi. The reason: Her travel agent got her tickets done in her character name. What led to the confusion was the fact that both the names have the same surname — Bisht.
She says, “My agent has known me for quite sometime now and follows the show regularly. Recently, I decided to pay a surprise visit to my parents and asked him to book me on a flight to Delhi. On reaching the airport, I showed my ID card to the authorities and much to my surprise, they stopped me from entering. When I re-checked my ticket, I realised that it was made in my character’s name. I tried my best to convince the security that Sharanya Bisht was my screen name, but they didn’t relent. The entire confusion was because of the common surname. I had to let go off the flight and book a fresh ticket on the spot, which cost me a bomb as well.”