Last year, the television industry witnessed once of its biggest controversies when Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma had a fallout. Reports said that Sharma reportedly misbehaved with Grover after having one too many drinks on a flight. While the latter walked out of Sharma’s show and eventually took a break from the small screen, Grover says he doesn’t regret what happened.

Speaking to a daily, Grover said, “It’s a continuous journey because when you are a part of a process — a show — you are in that thing day in and day out. So, sometimes, you need some breathing space to understand things and have some objectivity in your life. I kept explaining to others — relatives, friends, family and fans — things that even I don’t understand. In the bargain, I understood that television has given me immense love and respect. I remember, after I left Kapil’s show, I did a couple of live events and got to travel, too, and I realised how much love was around me. It’s such a great vibe and I understand that I need to continue working on small screen for my fans. As artistes, our duty is to keep working on what we believe in. So, whatever we think, according to our experience, is right for the audience and can entertain them, we will make it. Also, we keep trying newer things, because you never know what might connect with the audience. The audience is very smart. Sometimes we laugh and say that they won’t understand a particular thing, but they prove us wrong. At the end of the day, we are making it for the audience and for the people who live in this country.”