Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mahaakshay Chakraborty was set to tie the knot with fiancée Madalsa Sharma in Ooty on July 7, but the wedding was cancelled after a police team arrived to investigate the charges of rape, cheating and wrongful termination of pregnancy levelled against him.

Incidentally, Madalsa’s mother, yesteryear actress Sheela Sharma, had earlier maintained that the ceremony would take place as planned, despite the complaint. “Everybody has a past and we know the truth,” she had said, questioning why the complainant took so long to come forward.

However, Sheela is not so certain anymore. When an entertainment website got in touch with her, she said, “I cannot comment anything at this point. I shall speak but only after some time.” Upon being prodded about whether Madalsa will still marry Mahaakshay, she said, “I really cannot say anything now.”

Last week, a complaint was filed against Mahaakshay and his mother Yogeeta Bali, alleging rape, cheating and wrongful termination of pregnancy. The complainant claimed that she came in contact with Mahaakshay in April 2015, and they stayed in touch. She alleged that in May 2015, Mahaakshay invited her over to his flat, where he spiked her drink and raped her.

According to the complaint, Mahaakshay was in a physical relationship with the woman for four years on the false pretext of marriage. When she got pregnant, Mahaaskshay made her get an abortion, as he did not want a child at that point in his career.

The complainant also alleged that Mahaakshay’s mother Yogeeta Bali called and threatened her with dire consequences if she did not disappear from their lives.