Yasir Hussain has time and again proved how insensitive and offensive his behaviour can really get, the actor often times falling deep into the abyss of unnecessary controversies.
The ‘Naach Na Jaaney’ actor, who was recently embroiled in a social media feud with actress Hania Aamir, has come forth apologising to ‘every friend who he has ever hurt’ in a post that has left us thinking that Yasir could have not stooped down any further.
It seems like the 32-year-old actor hasn’t been paying much attention to what he has been getting trolled about lately, making enrolling for a basic civics and morals class for him all the more important.
On Thursday, Yasir took to his Instagram account to post a story in which he was seen tendering an apology, to all the friends who have been hurt by his mean comments.
“If my comments or jokes have offended or hurt any friend of mine, they can call and scold me directly on the phone. I will apologise and also take the posts down. But I request them all to not start a social media war, the way attention seekers do.”
Yasir ended the post with a cringe-worthy, “Thank you so called FRIENDS.
While he did not mention anyone in particular, we all know who the above message was directed towards: Hania Aamir.
However, this was not it. Yasir went further down the dark road to respond to ‘haters’ in a distasteful post. He uploaded the following picture to respond to people who called him out for his crass humour labelling them as ‘haters’.
While we really think it is high time for Yasir to mend his ways, apologise in an apt and respectable manner to Hania, we also reckon he could make use of a basic morals’ class to avoid further embarrassment in the future at a public level.