Gal Gadot is not feeling insecure. The bizarre “report” of Deepika Padukone doing a desi Wonder Woman seems like a big joke to the entire industry. After her triumph in Padmaavat this is apparently someone’s idea of pushing her career to another level.

But the attempts to create fake news has many in the film industry laughing their heads off. Says a director-friend of Deepika, “Who is making this desi Wonder Woman apparently at the astronomical budget of Rs 300 crores for Deepika when the original Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is available in multiple Indian languages whenever she chooses to return? There is no mention of any production house, or filmmaker attached to this wildly improbable project with Deepika. It seems Desi Deepika Padukone Wonder Woman is being made by only somebody’s imagination.”

Adds another director, “Who would make a super-hero film at time when most of the desi super heroes are flopping? This sounds like a PR exercise.”