Model Gigi Hadid has clapped back at critics at her weight loss, and says she is working to hey back her curves which she loved. Hadid responded to internet trolls who call her too skinny and has been candid about a struggle with Hashimoto’s disease that has caused her to lose weight. However, she said she is not immune to the criticism and that certain things affect her more than others, reported.

“I loved my body when I was curvier,” the 23-year-old said during a panel discussion alongside Kendall Jenner, Ashley Graham and Paloma Elsesser.

“Then as I lost (the weight), people were still mean. Yeah, I know I’m skinny. I’m looking in the mirror. I’m trying to eat burgers and do squats. I want an ass too. I get it. I got it. Thank you,” she added.

Hadid also spoke about the #MeToo movement in the modelling industry, during the discussion, and whether she feels pressure to strip down to nothing for a shot.

“Some people are empowered and excited to be naked and that is amazing. And I wish I was one of those people and I am not one of those people. And I’ve accepted that about myself and that is okay.

“There are times where I feel like I am excited about a photographer or a creative situation where I will do this or will do that. But there’s also times where I can be – even though I am so excited for everyone and feel so happy with their empowerment being naked themselves – it’s okay that I feel differently.”