The sister duo has always been supportive of each other not only in their family matters but, also in professional life and their styling sense. While one likes black and white the other likes bold colours to adore. Talking about their different style sense Karisma Kapoor shares some styling sense of the duo on the occasion of ‘Siblings Day’.
In an interview with a leading tabloid, on the occasion of Siblings Day on Tuesday, Karisma was asked by a leading tabloid on the Kapoor sisters style. To this, Karisma revealed, “My style is more sophisticated, while Kareena is more edgy. Everyone knows I love black and white, and structured looks, while Kareena likes bold colours and flowing clothes.”

Hmmm…well, whose style do you people like the most Karisma or Kareena? Let us know in the comments below.

Karisma had recently attended an event and talked about her bond with Bebo. Lolo said, “Apart from being a carefree person, I would say that she is a very emotional person. It is because of family, upbringing- my dad, my mom. The Kapoors and the Shivdasanis, we have been extremely close and family is most important. We say careers, friends, work everything is important, but family is THE most important. That’s how we have that bond of sisters and we are a very strong women-centric home. I am fortunate to have that bond (with Kareena).”

She also mentioned the three most important women in her life and said that sister Kareena, her mom Babita and daughter Samaira Kapoor are the most important to her.

About sister Karisma, Kareena had earlier said, “Her simplicity is her beauty and charm. That’s why, all her life, everyone around her has bullied her. But everyone who is a part of my life knows that if Lolo (Karisma’s pet name) has said something, then it’s like gospel truth for me.”