Actress-singer Mandy Moore likes to have fun with her beauty routine, but says she feels “more” like herself when she has dark brown hair. “I feel my most comfortable, most like myself, when I’m a brunette,” Moore told

Asked if her fiance, Taylor Goldsmith, loves her hair as much as she does, she said: “I think this is really all that he’s really known me as, so I’m going to say he’s a fan of the brunette as well.” Moore hasn’t always been brunette.

The actress had also posted a throwback picture of a “gnarly hairstyle” from 1999. The photograph captures the “I want to be with you” singer as a “deep true blonde”, wearing a zig-zag parting, glued-on hair crystals and spiked low buns. “I feel more like myself as a brunette,” she reiterated.