When it’s early on a Sunday, an Arctic breeze has blown a snow flurry from the north, and you are heading into another long day of shows, it’s easy to forget that fashion is fun. But faith was restored by a string of fabulous fashion moments capping off Milan Fashion Week, from high-tech drones modeling the newest handbags at Dolce & Gabbana, to a playful-primitive set and collection at Marni; Milan hometown spirit at MSGM, to American spirit at Tommy Hilfiger’s Gigi Hadid-starring speedway spectacular.

For a fashion buzz (and photo-op), it was hard to top Dolce & Gabbana’s newest models, a half dozen drones flying out onto the runway with the latest Dolce & Gabbana “Devotion” quilted handbags.

he surprise involved coaxing the entire theater full of guests to disable the WiFi on their phones. (This request coming from the first designers to make a show of seating social media influencers in their front row, and creating a #DGMillennials hashtag and ad campaign around it.)

Wow! @dolcegabbana use drones to model latest handbags on #mfw runway pic.twitter.com/vJIquelwOt

— @Booth (@Booth) February 25, 2018
But it was worth the excruciating 45 minutes to see these true next gen stars, the #DGDrones let’s call them. Naturally, social media lit up as soon as the footage was posted post-show. “The latest in setting unrealistic body standards,” a commenter joked on my Twitter feed.” “Those drones won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day,” another quipped. Should Gigi be worried? Nah, they were all wings.

Milan week 1

In addition to the season’s de riguer streetwear-inspired track pants, varsity jackets, T-shirts and sneakers, there were also some very pretty dresses, including a red showstopper resplendent in ruffles, and others embroidered with sequins and cherubs that would seem destined for the “Heavenly Bodies” themed Met Gala, Cheeky finishing touches included handbags resembling a retablo or a priest’s incense burning thurible. Fashion sinners, indeed.

Milan week 2

MSGM is a quirky-fun contemporary brand designed by Massimo Giorgetti that’s always got pep in its step. For fall, the collection tied together a lot of the trends we’ve seen this week, including pop colors, nostalgia, athletic wear, high gloss patent and vinyl jackets and pants.

Milanweek 3

Gigi opened the show in a crop top and cobalt blue motocross pants, and closed it in a gown that was a patchwork of flags and logos that looked very similar to the Versace collection showed on Friday. In-between were lots of checkerboard-print swimsuits and biker shorts, logo-printed denim boiler suits, windbreakers, minidresses and more–all in American red, white and blue.

Milanweek 4