Pallavi Sharda says Beecham House also gives her the opportunity to explore a period drama. Set in the 19th century, the film sees her play an Indian princess. She credits her look to the styling team who did a thorough research of the styles prevalent in the era.

“Our costume team, headed by Joanna Eatwell, undertook research into what women of that era wore. They have created the costumes in keeping with the hues, textures and silhouettes of the time,” says Sharda, who was last seen in Lion (2016).

The six-part series revolves around British soldier John Beecham, played by Tom Bateman, who begins life anew as a trader in Delhi. Describing her character Chandrika as one who “clings viscerally to her roots”, Sharda, who is currently shooting in the capital, says, “She is close to John Beecham, but no one in the house understands why. Her mysterious intentions make weaving her character together fun. She typifies a warrior-like Indian woman who knows what she believes in and is prepared to fight for it.”

She prepped for her part by gaining an insight into the political climate of the period. “I researched the political and social dynamics of the time. Books like Shashi Tharoor’s Inglorious Empire: What The British Did to India were informative. Gurinder is a fantastic director who knows what she wants, and I enjoy those magic moments of free fall when I can be putty in her hands.”