Mondelez India’s Prashant Peres explains the idea behind the new special edition ‘heart pop’ chocolate bar, which urges consumers to not hold back from expressing their love this Valentine’s Day.

Smitten couples gaze aquiver into each other’s eyes, bestowing each other with sickeningly sugary nicknames, often using each other’s bodies as furniture (While skilfully trying to dodge the inevitable, nefarious moral policemen lurking nearby). Singles often roll their eyes in repulsion and romantic hopefuls pluck all courage they have to express their feelings of affection.

While the history of Valentine’s Day – and the story of its patron saint – is believed to have originated in medieval Europe, in many South Asian countries today, the affair is blown out into a week-long celebration; or colloquially termed ‘Valentine’s Week’, which comprises of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day culminating in the grand finale that is Valentine’s Day.

It is probably true that advertising has skillfully reinforced the connection between chocolate and love but it is also true that very few things go together like chocolate and Valentine’s Day. Of course, nobody knows that better than Mondelez India, the manufacturers of the Cadbury range of chocolates.

The FMCG conglomerate believes that Cadbury Silk is the best chocolate money can buy. In the words of Prashant Peres, director marketing (chocolates), Mondelez India, “We believe Silk is all about romancing a product.”

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk recently announced the launch of its new special edition pack with a heart pop, which urges consumers to not hold back from expressing their love, this Valentine’s Day.