Things seem to be moving at a rapid pace in the Alia Bhatt – Ranbir Kapoor relationship. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then Alia has discovered an easier route to her man’s heart.

She has endeared herself to Ranbir’s family. And how!

In no time at all she is, according to a close friend of the Kapoors, the family’s all-time favourite girlfriend of their son. Alia’s kinship and camaraderie were there for all to see when she went out at dinner with Ranbir and his family on Saturday night at suburban eatery in Mumbai.

“She was chatting effortlessly with Ranbir’s parents and his sister and bonding big-time with Ranbir’s niece Samaira. Alia Bhatt was seen coming out of the restaurant holding the little girl’s hand. It was sweet and effortless. Like any good girlfriend out with her guy’s family Alia Bhatt spent most of the time during dinner chatting with Ranbir’s family and not Ranbir,” reports a young actor who witnessed the scene of perfect bonding.

Adds a friend of Alia, “It isn’t as if Alia has to make an effort to be nice to Ranbir’s parents. She is basically a gregarious girl. She doesn’t have to try to be nice to her boyfriend’s family.”