Dont hope for Salman Khan’s Biopic as he and his family refused for it

Sanjay Dutt’s Biopic just proved the fact that people love to watch the autobiography based on their favourites celebrities. Even the filmmakers and producers are gaining a lot of popularity among the audience. Neither the director nor the fans stop themselves from making and watching the movie in the theatres and made it a blockbuster of the year. While many criticised Hirani for showing Sanjay Dutt’s life in a positive way rather on his mistakes like involved in drugs and being accused as a terrorist.

However, above all this Sanju winning the hearts of many did a business over Rs 250 crore and it is said that the film will enter the 300 crores club.–t/?utm_source=ig_embed

With all the chaos, have you ever think what it is like if Salman Khan’s biopic will be shown on the big screen. In fact, after Sanju may are hoping to see Salman’s biopic soon. But this is not going happen, guys, as a source close to Khan family told that “There have been many directors in the past who have approached Salman Khan to make a film on his life. Authors too have walked up to him asking if he would want to write his own biography. However, Salman has been very clear about not wanting to ever expose his personal life, his family, his past stories in public. Anyway, there’s a lot being written about him which he can’t control because after all, he is a ‘public figure’. But ask him for a biopic and it’s a strict NO from the superstar as well as his family”.

There will be still many rumours of Salman’s biopic because no one can stop rumours and speculations. But what we can do is not to believe any speculation about it as there will be a No forever. It’s a no from Salman for Sallu.