After a rather bitter courtroom drama, Karisma Kapoor and her ex-husband Sanjay Kapur met again this week. The estranged couple was accompanied by their son Kiaan Raj Kapoor for lunch at a posh restaurant in BKC, Mumbai.

“They were engaged in a very serious discussion during lunch,” says an eyewitness from the restaurant. “It seemed very cordial, as if they had both moved on with their lives. Kiaan was also speaking to his father on and off, and they left very normally,” says the source.

The source adds that the actress was comfortable around the cameras too. “Karisma, in fact, even stopped and waved out to the media as she left. Her son Kiaan, who is very media shy, was again a bit uncomfortable as he saw the media, but Karisma put his fears to rest and then left,” the source says.

Sanjay is now married to Priya Sachdev, after his divorce from Lolo, while she’s moved on too. The actress is now reportedly in a relationship with Sandeep Toshniwal, but no official announcement has been made so far.