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Madhuri Dixit Nene Holidaying With Husband In Seychelles To Celebrate Their 20th Wedding Anniversary

On October 17, 2018, Madhuri and Sriram had completed 19 years of their marital bliss. Wishing each other on social media, Madhuri had shared a picture of the two and captioned it, “Kahin na kahin, koi na koi mere liye banaya gaya hai… and this became true when I met this man! Here’s to spending a lifetime filled with love, fun & adventures with my most prized possession. Happy wedding anniversary, Ram. Love you!”

Madhuri had talked about her first reaction when she met Dr Nene for the first time. She had stated that she was very impressed with his honesty and had revealed, “It was very wonderful because I was very surprised to know that he didn’t know that I am an actress and I work in Hindi film. He was really not aware of all that. So, it was wonderful (laughs)”.

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In an interview with The Indian Express, Dr Nene had revealed his first reaction when he met Madhuri for the first time. He was quoted as saying, “You know the film industry here, is crazy. So, I didn’t know how she would be when I first heard of her. But then I met her brother; he was so grounded and humble. And then I met her.”

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The Kalank actress had revealed an interesting detail about her marriage in an interview and had stated, “When I met Mr Nene I did not think who he was whether a celebrity or doctor. I liked him as a person. We got along well and that was important. There was no set rule that this is what I am going to do.”

In another interview, Madhuri had talked about her life after she got married. She had stated, “Marriage changes all of us to some degree, no matter what people say. Some of the changes are common to all marriages like your schedules and time with family, etc. It’s great to have a life partner you can depend on. At the same time, you now have to look out for the family unit. In our case, the issue of her being a celebrity makes some things difficult or impossible. This is more the case in India than in the US. However, it hasn’t really changed my identity or personality.”

Sometime back, Dr Nene had revealed the reason behind their successful marriage and had quoted, “We strike the right balance. She has always been grounded. I am the dreamer and adventurer. She has taught me patience and I have taught her organisation”. He had further added, “A romantic date is about the person you are with and how you treat each other. I would say that we could be anywhere and enjoy each other’s company”.