The new year has just begun and telly land is already buzzing with news of engagements and impending marriages. The latest TV couple to take their relationship to the next level are Poonam Preet and Sanjay Gagnani, who have been dating for the past six years. The duo will exchange rings during the Valentine’s Day week, on February 18, at Surat. However, the wedding date is yet to be finalised.
Sanjay says, “There are no marriage plans as of now. Our careers are our priority and we want to invest our energy and time in work.”
Coming from the same professional background has helped them understand each other better, says Sanjay. He adds, “Communication is crucial for any relationship to grow. There’s always so much to talk about when you’re from the same industry. Exchanging viewpoints, helping each other, criticising, praising, discussing things about the industry… all this help in creating a better understanding.” Poonam agrees. “When you are in the same profession, especially showbiz, there is no need to clarify when you work overtime,” she says.
Ask them what they like best about each other, and Sanjay promptly replies, “Her innocence,” while Poonam says, “His honesty and he is caring.”
At a time when marriages aren’t lasting, Poonam says that she is not scared of commitment. “I believe everybody’s destiny is different. So, these things don’t really bother me. I have faith in my relationship and I’m not at all marriage-phobic. I have always dreamt of a fairytale wedding,” she says.

Sanjay admits that he was a bit hesitant initially. “I was marriage-phobic. In fact, it has taken me six years to overcome my marriage phobia. It was all because of the bitter experiences I had before I met Poonam. She has made me believe in love again,” he signs off.