For every fan, the curiosity to know more about their idol is relentless. Therefore, Secret Side a show on MTV Beats is a must watch for everyone. The show brings to light lesser known secrets about our most prolific musicians, skills that they are expert in apart from singing. After revealing that Mika is also a very good chef voice and Kanika Kapoor has an amazing sense of style, the next guest on the show is Shantanu Mukherjee who is popularly known as Shaan. He is the next guest on the show. One of the most renowned and versatile singers of the country, Shaan also happens to be a fitness expert-a side which can be seen up, close and personal on the show.

Shaan says, “Shows like Secret Side give the fans a different perspective about their favourite celebrity and helps them understand a different side of them too. It’s an interesting concept.”

Though he says that he hasn’t kept any secret, “Honestly, I have no secret to share. Until I got onto social media, I had no idea how curious fans are about their favourite celebrities’ life. If this show expects me to share about my life, without exposing a lot, then I am happy to share.”

The unreal world of stardom can steal away the reality from the star. Shaan has one person who helps him with the reality check and that person is he himself. “The person who keeps me real is myself. I don’t take myself too seriously. Also, I am very happy and content with myself, which helps me to keep a reality check.”

He has also hosted shows such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs and Star Voice of India. Along with a soulful voice, his charming personality has got his fans go gaga over it. But who is that one celebrity or his idol about whom he would like to know about? On this, he instantly replies, “Kishore Kumar.”

After decades of winning hearts with his soulful voice, Shaan is in a happy state, “I take a day as it comes. I have not sung those big film songs for a long time. But, there is nothing I can do about it, as I do not believe in making phone calls or ask people. I rather accept it rather than let it play on my mind. I am doing a lot of live shows, television; I am creating my own music. As a singer, I feel I have a lot more in me that is to be explored. There is a satisfaction in knowing that what I have got is also a lot more than what many others have got.”