Currently, in her second year as the brand ambassador of Swachh Sarvekshan, Shilpa Shetty intends to go the extra mile to highlight the importance of cleanliness. Considering the power of social media in driving change, she plans to launch six videos on the subject. They will be released weekly starting mid-May and shared by Shetty on her social media handles.

A source says, “Every video will focus on different aspects of Swach Sarvekshan like keeping your society clean, steering clear of littering on beaches and in gardens. Shilpa will feature in the two-minute-long videos.”

Shetty credits the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan for raising awareness on a subject that was relegated to the fringes until recently. She says, “Keeping your surroundings clean is as important as keeping your house clean. It’s important for people to understand that having the civic sense to maintain hygiene goes a long way in creating a better country.”