From stylish dresses to costly cars, our celebrity children enjoy a very comfy life, everything the kids do becomes a caption. The celeb kids are also the most preferred topics of media people, who keep on following them to make a special recording of all the times linked to their lives like what they wish to eat too with whom they are enjoying their free time.

When we discuss the celebrity kids, the loving kids of none other than Bollywood’s King Khan Shah Rukh Khan are the most coddled and talked about children. In recent times, SRK’s loving beti Suhana Khan broke the web when she celebrated her 18th birthday, her cute images set the internet on fire in no time.

And currently, Suhana Khan is hitting the headlines once again but this time for all the loving reasons.

The web is crammed with tales of SRK daughter’s crush. Yes, the reports are coming up that Suhana Khan is a big buff of a young cricketer. She is really crazy about this energetic cricket player.

Suhana Khan met this cricket player during IPL this year, where she was seen a lot of times supporting at the stands for her dad’s team, Kolkata Knight Riders.

The young cricketer we are talking about was also a part of SRK’s Kolkata Knight Riders’ team and won many hearts owing to his bright performance all through the league.

Yes, we are talking about the young superstar Shubman Gill.

The 18-year-old cricket player overwhelmed everyone with his exciting shots. He gained 203 runs in 13 games he played for in the just ended term of IPL. Shubman Gill was also a part of the ‘Under-19’ world cup team.

Both Suhana Khan and Shubman Gill have also been witnessed many times after the match chatting with one another.

We actually doubt if something is happening between the two.