Though the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has got retirement from the well-known game, his memoirs and his cricket related tales will live eternally.

In his super hit profession of 24 years, the God of cricket has given a number of interviews regarding his verve beyond 24 yards, however, every time the superstar shares his superb life trip, a news and hilarious tale pops up. And at the present time, it is in relation to his wife Anjali, and her pushiness to never watch his hubby while showcasing his skills in the stadium.

We all are well aware that the two make a great pair, and she always wanted that her hubby performs well in each and every game he plays. But, oddly, Anjali also considered that he would not get good scores if she visits the stadium to watch him play.

In his interview on ‘Breakfast with champions’, Sachin stated that she is bit illogical, and furthermore, he admitted that Anjali had a particular place at home from where she always enjoyed him playing on the television.

Though it seems quite strange, Sachin even shared a special case which in fact shows that being illogical is sometimes correct.

He stated, “Anjali never used come to the stadium, so in Australia, in 2004, Anjali comes there… it was the boxing day test match, the first ball, Brett Lee is bowling to me, I edged the ball and I’m caught behind. Anjali got up and left. After that, she never came. The next time she came was for my last test match.”

Well, one can only be thankful for Sachin’s wifey for not seeing him live because, clearly, who would have wished to witness the Master Blaster being dismissed?