Stories of sexual harassment existing in the film industry are known to all. Divya Dutta is one such actress, who doesn’t mince words and is quite a talented actress. In an interview to, Divya Dutta spoke about sexual harassment existing in the film industry and how women stay mum in the fear of losing work.

When the web portal asked Divya Dutta for not being seen on the big screens, she says, “Now, everyone has started talking about it. Yes, they are not naming people, and I am sure they have their reasons not to name because you need a huge amount of unity to take names as no one wants to get secluded from work or be told to be out of the system (sic).”

“A lot of people have admitted that these things happen. C’mon, we are not kids. We all know that whenever there are opportunities, there will be these kinds of things. But I do feel that at the end of the day, if you can, I mean if you are not in a very vulnerable situation, you do have choices. In my position, I have had choices and I made them. But I have seen people, who have no choice, and they have gone through lot of shit. But who is going to stand with them? You will probably make a statement and move on. And then there are left on their own journey,” said Divya.

On being asked if she ever had to compromise for a role, the actor said, “I will be lying if I say no. Every woman has been propositioned at some point or the other. But I was never directly propositioned but I lost a lot of movies because I didn’t have a sugar daddy and somebody else did.”

The Bhaag Milkha Bhaag actress further added, “But it’s a process of learning. I am glad it didn’t happen (to her) because today, I am in a very different position. And it wouldn’t have happened if I had a different journey.”