Julianne Moore has revealed that she was “fired” from Marialle Heller-directed film Can You Ever Forgive Me?. Moore was originally supposed to play the lead character of literary forger Lee Israel in the movie. Nicole Holofcener, who co-wrote the film’s screenplay with Jeff Whitty, was set to direct the project.

The actor, however, left the project, while Holofcener vacated the director’s chair for Heller. During her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”, Moore set the record straight by saying that she was dismissed from the project by Holofcener as the actor believes she did not like her performance.

“I didn’t leave that movie, I was fired… I think she didn’t like what I was doing. We just been rehearsing and doing pre-production and stuff and her idea of where the character was was different than where my idea of where the character was, so she fired me,” Moore said. The 58-year-old actor added that she has not yet seen the movie “because it’s still kind of painful.” Moore, however, said she loves McCarthy.

“I worship her. I think she’s fantastic, so I’m sure she’s great,” she added. “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” follows Israel as she attempts to revitalize her failing writing career by forging letters from deceased authors and playwrights. The film was nominated for three Oscars at the recent 91st Academy Awards.