So, Daisy Shah is a hoot! No one in their wildest dream would have thought that she would be the talking point after the Race 3 trailer released. While there was a mixed reaction over the trailer, it was Daisy Shah’s ‘Our business is our business, none of your business,’ dialogue which BROKE the internet in the most literal sense. So, what was her first reaction? She was enraged and in a fit of anger ranted on social media about the same. She wrote, “To all The people who think they are too smart. Create ur own identity 1st n ‘GET A LIFE’, Wait! I am sure u don’t have any #patheticLosers” But let’s face it, any publicity is good publicity and Daisy seems to have learnt this real quick when her own mentor Salman Khan jumped on the bandwagon promoting the dialogue with a zangy video. Jacqueline Fernandez too did the same.

Now, the Mumbai Police’s super woke social media team has taken this viral meme into cognizance and they took to Twitter to write, “Mind your own data to make sure that no one else takes advantage of it to beat you in the #RaceOfSafety.” The Daisy meme says: My data is my data, none of your data. Well, the actress took to Twitter to congratulate the police and replied with a polite #TooGood retort. This is a classic case of make hay while sun shine and hey, we are not complaining. We are just waiting for other brands to jump on this train and well earn two minutes of fame with this viral content. Daisy has all the reason to celebrate, in our opinion.

Race 3 stars Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Anil Kapoor and Saqeeb Salim in lead roles and is directed by Remo D’souza.