Recently, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra delivered a speech at a literary event which was organised by a publishing company. The actress spoke about various topics ranging from issues around women, actors, and race. The actress also spoke about wage disparity in the film industry and racism to sexual harassment, the #MeToo movement and marriage. But as soon as the decision for her selection to speak at the event was announced, people had already started calling her out on social media. People questioned her credibility and stated that there were various authors who could have been selected for this esteemed position.

Published poet Sharanya Manivannan said, “A publishing house came up with a thread on Twitter listing just a few possible names who could have filled this spot, and I have to agree with it.” She further added, “This has nothing to do with Priyanka Chopra, the person, or her abilities, or even for that matter the fact that she doesn’t even have a book ghost-written to her credit yet. It’s just that it seems like they were aware they’d made an oversight by inviting only men so far, so even if any woman would be a “token woman”, they could have made that choice more thoughtfully. They could picked someone whose ideas have a connection to publishing, readers and authors.”

Another author, Kiran Manral added, “They wanted to grab as much attention as possible. And they did so by inviting Priyanka Chopra.” She also blamed the audience for giving Priyanka such a stage. “In India, we weigh a lot of importance in two things: Bollywood and cricket. And it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that people would rather listen to her than anyone else.” Well, what do you’ll think about this? Stay tuned for more updates.