A quick glance at the reviews of Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga will reveal that both cinephiles and critics alike would have liked to see more of Sonam Kapoor’s on-screen love interest. Seated before us days after her movie hit screens, we ask Regina Cassandra why she chose against negotiating for more screen time.

“When we started discussing [the film] there was some talk of giving Kuhu [her character] more to do in it. But, at the end of the day, it is Sweety’s [Kapoor’s character] story and is narrated from her perspective. I am glad I could add to it,” she says, certain that director Shelly Chopra Dhar and writer Gazal Dhaliwal sketched her part with “great love and care”.

There may have been apprehensions, we presume, when a film on same-sex love was to mark the Bollywood debut of the celebrated South actor. Yet, Cassandra can only cherish the fact that the “fun film” is a step further in making the taboo subject, part of everyday conversation. She confesses she didn’t have to look too far when finding reference points for her role. “I have friends who are lesbians; they’re bold and outgoing, and openly hit on women.

They are also unabashed and unapologetic, and that’s also how my character is. She grew up with the confidence [and freedom] to be who she wants to be. So, it was important to show Kuhu as someone who is comfortable in her skin. It wasn’t about portraying a lesbian relationship, but, more of showcasing a love story. That it involved two women was incidental. No one calls a regular love story a heterosexual love story.”

The actor was to make her debut in this industry with the upcoming thriller Aankhen 2, which is yet to go on floors. “I was game to be part of that film. But it wasn’t working out. This [offer] came out of nowhere. Shelly was determined to get me on board. I am proud of this choice. These stories need to be told.”