Hindi Medium, a film that went on to become a major box office success and was loved by critics with a tremendous amount of praise coming Qamar’s way for her role as a middle class woman wanting to keep up with the Jones’ and get her daughter into a posh school.

That praise, those box office numbers and the appreciation of fans on both sides of the Pakistan-India border all resulted in Qamar being the first Pakistani actress to score a Leading Actor nomination at India’s Filmfare Awards.

“Hindi Medium is very close to my heart and I wish to keep telling stories like these for the audience. When you believe in your work, the world also believes with you. It is good to know that the stories you believe in is what the audiences is also looking for. It’s time for change and I am glad there is acceptance to this change,” Irrfan said in a statement.

The actor also tweeted that the journey of Hindi Medium has been testament to celebration of a story that is “told from the heart, of good content and most of all the want and sincerity to inculcate and encourage change”.

Co-produced by Maddock Films and T-series Hindi Medium also won the Best Film (popular) Award at a gala here on 20 January.