Brett Ratner revealed his desire to make a sequel to Rush Hour with Shah Rukh Khan. The duo had met at the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) and bonded quite well. Since then there has been buzz that SRK will sign up for Rush Hour 4, however there was no official confirmation from his side. But during an interview with HT Cafe, SRK does mention his desire to work in the film and indirectly confirms his presence in the movie, as and when it is made.

Talking about acting or producing Rush Hour 4 with Brett Ratner, Shah Rukh Khan told the daily, “Yes, whenever he has a film. He asked me, ‘What role should I pen you in?’ And I said, ‘it can be whichever role and I’ll do it.’ But we’ll see how things go. But one thing I did request him to do — whether it’s with me or not – is to get Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to shoot in India because Rush Hour is all over the world (laughs). And it’s high time that such a wonderful and beautiful action-comedy film came to India.