Shah Rukh Khan will be promoting the movie throughout the year by offering little teasers of the movie that will be released during the major festivals. A source close to the project revealed to the newspaper, “SRK wants to make it more of a celebration. Hence, he has decided to reveal tidbits from the film, to commemorate each festival.”

The source also revealed that the first official poster of the movie might come out during the Holi weekend that might show the looks of Katrina and Anushka in the movie. Incidentally, Anushka’s horror movie, Pari, is also coming out om the same weekend.

the first trailer would be attached to Aamir Khan’s mega-budget Thugs of Hindostan that is scheduled to release during Diwali. The source said, “The first three-minute trailer of SRK’s film will definitely be attached to the prints of Aamir’s actioner