‘With the Galaxy S9 set to release sometime in early 2018 — likely at the end of February — the world is eagerly anticipating the latest Samsung flagship. It seems like a few Chinese companies are taking the hype a step further, however, with the recent reveal of Galaxy S9 Clones.

While we don’t even officially have an announcement, information has been steadily leaking, and it’s clear that the Galaxy S9 clones from these companies take some major inspiration from previous leaks. Provided the upcoming flagship actually follows the specifications we expect, it’s likely it will look shockingly similar to the budget phones that try to capitalize on Samsung’s flagships’ status as luxury devices.

The main offender when it comes to Galaxy S9 clones is Chinese manufacturer Vkworld, who is currently offering a much more affordable device that uses the potential aesthetic of the upcoming device. Despite the affordability, it seems that the phone will ship with a much larger battery. This may be one of the few cases where a Chinese knock-off may actually compete with the phone that it imitates.

While Galaxy S9 clones would probably not fly outside of China, there’s a large market in the country for affordable handsets that emulate the appearance of high-end phones. Considering the large amount of money required to buy a luxury device from the likes of Samsung or Apple, a device that looks pretty much the same is a hot commodity when it comes to impressing your family and friends.

The images included below, courtesy of Androidguys, show a phone from Vkworld that strikingly emulates previous renders of the yet-unannounced Galaxy S9.