Nokia has a reputation for indestructible phones, but for a phone to be heavy duty to that extent, a fragile glass screen isn’t always an option. The Nokia 3310 4G isn’t intended to be a competitor to high-end luxury flagships, but rather serves as a hybrid device – a combination of basic phone with some elevated features.

HMD Global has seen some good success after their recent acquisition of the Nokia brand. However, expecting to compete with established flagship producers like Samsung and Apple is a bit of a tall order for a company that has fallen behind in technology. Nokia had some pretty durable phones back in the day, and HMD Global hopes to capitalize on the brand’s reputation for reliable and affordable phones with the Nokia 3310.

The original Nokia 3310 in its time was a far cry from a smartphone. With 3G and even 4G technology becoming the standard for mobile networks, it’s clear that the Nokia 3310 needed a revamp to keep up with the times. The Nokia 3310 4G is about ready to launch, and the phone will ship with more than a simple update to support 4G technology.

Back in September, a 3G-enabled Nokia 3310 was released, and soon we’ll see the 4G version. Accompanying this new technology is that the new operating system is YunOS. Previous versions of the phone ran on HMD’s proprietary Feature OS – which admittedly was a little lackluster when compared to modern operating systems. YunOS is developed by Alibaba and is an offshoot of the Android Open Source project. Long story short, the Nokia 3310 will truly be an Android phone.