Chinese smartphone maker ZTE Corp is expected to launch its first 5G smartphone by early 2019 in the US. Lixin Cheng, the CEO of ZTE’s mobile device business confirmed about the company bringing a 5G smartphone in the US market in 2019.

In an interview to Bloomberg News the CEO said that the device is expected to be launched by the end of the 2018 or early 2019. The plans might change based on the availability of fifth generation network in the country. He also mentioned that there are possibilities of launching a 5G tablet or wireless-internet hub for homes in the country.

While ZTE plans to release its first 5G phone in the US, according to The Verge, a new bill to ban Huawei and ZTE made phones from use by US government employees is being worked on. A Texas representative Mike Conaway has introduced a bill titled, ‘Defending US Government Communications Act’, in this regard.

ZTE recently tied up with telecom service providers, Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio in India for pre-5G trials in India. The company will also design and develop future technologies including 5G with these brands in India.

Ericsson too demonstrated new 5G technology in December 2017 in India. The company demonstrated the new technology that delivers a speed of up to 5.7 GB/sec.

AT&T Inc recently announced that it will launch fifth-generation mobile service in a dozen cities in the US by late 2018. The company didn’t disclose the locations or how large the 5G area would be in each market. Verizon Communications Inc is also launching a similar service in three to five markets in 2018.