Actress Aditi Rathore’s character Avni has been shown dead in “Naamkarann”, but she is not walking out of the show. She says new characters, including hers, and stories will make the show even more interesting.
“Avni has completely finished herself. Her story in the past is over. She has stopped fighting back and has accepted things as they are. She is no longer aggressive. She tries to be happy but she is upset and misses her family but she doesn’t want trouble for her family,” Aditi told IANS from the set of the Star Plus show in Mumbai.
Revealing the reason behind her character getting killed off, the actress said: “Whosoever was in Avni’s life is dead. She feels that Ayesha ma and Neela ma sacrificed their lives for her. Avni doesn’t want something happening to her husband Neil. She doesn’t want people like Vidyut to hurt her family again, so she chose to walk away from their lives.”

Actresses Neena Gupta and Mrunmayee Lagoo, daughter of late actress Reema Lagoo who played an important role in the show, are expected to join its cast. Aditi was tight-lipped about her new cast mates and developments in the show, which is taking a five-year leap but shared that her character will be called Nilanjana.
How is the leap going to help the show?
“When people see the same story and cast members, the audience gets bored. Now, there will be lots of new faces and stories. Avni has made herself disappear from her family’s lives. What will be her destiny? The story will be more interesting,” she promised.
“Whenever the show takes a leap, characters and story become interesting. So the audience will be entertained for sure,” she added about “Naamkarann”, which had earlier taken a 15-year leap.